Don’t say “Spell on Me” anymore…

    We are delighted to announce that Spell on Me becomes Mya Bay.

    Mya Bay is a jewellery brand synonymous with feminity, adventure, creativity and design, values shared by
    Spell on Me.

    Spell on Me changes name and integrates Mya Bay’s jewellery range while at the same time remaining personalizable.
    The new name is not the only novelty! A live 3D creation technique is integrated and allows to visualize the personalized jewels instantly.
    New icons are also available to bring even more fun to each creation.
Personalize your bracelet

The personalization

    In a few clicks you can create your bracelet with a message, a quote, a symbolic date, an invitation, names of loved ones,…

    Choose your model, your colour and the rest is up to you! Your imagination is the only limit!

    Bay Line: fine with a micro jewel twist
    Arty: large and sober
    Liberty: light and graphic
    Context: extra large and resolutely more rock
    You have a story? We have the jewel to tell it…
    For complimentary information or if you have questions, don’t hesitate to write to us.

Personalize your bracelet