Finally answer to the ultimate question of life (of our designer, Sophie),
the universe (MYA BAY) and everything..


‘MYA’ is a tribute to Myriam, mamma to Sophie, our designer. ‘BAY’ is for the ocean, travel, the sun and golden sand between your toes (on or off your Insta account).

The result, is MYA BAY, a bold jewellery label that’s also a little crazy, hand-drawn by Sophie Johnen, inveterate traveller.

Good Vibes Only

Since 2012, Sophie’s designs reflect her personality: joyful, creative and trendy. Made to be worn close to your heart, time and time again, you can stack, layer or just wear a single piece of MYA BAY jewellery as a declaration of love to your crazy side, that one little detail that you can’t stop thinking about… but that you know you’ll still love tomorrow.


in Belgium

From our good-luck charms to our chokers, each piece of MYA BAY jewellery is conceived and designed by Sophie, before being sent to the label’s production studios.

The jewels are made of brass and gilded with 24-carat fine gold or rhodium-plated silver. Gold and silver are 100% recyled. Semiprecious stones and enamel are also used.


Before putting pen to paper on a MYA BAY collection, Sophie makes a moodboard. Just like on Pinterest, all her references and inspiration comes together, from designer fashion shows, to the cool-girl bright threads of Jenna Lyons and Viviana Volpicella, and the series Sex and the City (Carrie <3).

It’s all about good vibes, influenced each time by her passion for other cultures. Just as inspired by the curls and swirls of an Indian temple as she is by the geometry of a New York skyscraper, Sophie looks to design, architecture and even literature as the starting point for her creative process.




Sophie Johnen has always been an entrepreneur. After graduating from business school HEC, she lived in India and London, before settling first in the Netherlands, then Belgium. This self-taught designer learnt to draw and love the arts, travel and jewellery. She’s now mamma to little César (who is no doubt headed for great things too), and the jewellery she creates for MYA BAY celebrate the independence, badass attitude and boldness of women. All women.