1. WAVE

    New jewels collection WAVE


    Life's a wave, Just surf it !



    Wave took shape in a spirit of relaxation and connection with the positive energy of the ocean !

    Each piece in this collection embodies relaxed elegance and a free spirit.

    So get caught up in the WAVE and dive into an ocean of good vibes, elegance and colour !


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    New jewels collection POLE POSITION


    What is your favorite position?



    What if we, the women, were in the best position on the starting line ?

    Let's give a boost to all our desires, our projects, our dreams !

    Let's take the pole position and make our way!


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    Candles new collection




    Sophie, the creator of MYA-BAY, is proud to share with you her new creative and olfactory adventure... a collection of home-designed candles.

    The richly coloured containers are made of ceramic and surrounded by a raw brass strapping.

    Wax and natural scents... what a pleasure. To discover urgently by using all your senses !

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  4. PARTY

    Nouvelle collection de bijoux PARTY




    Wawwww ! MYA-BAY is celebrating its 10th birthday ! That's over 26 countries worldwide !

    It's more than 500 boutiques that accompany us including Les Galeries Lafayette (FR), Poison Drop (RU), Smets (LUX), Rue Madame (Hong Kong) … and it's also you who fall in love with our site.

    For all this journey our new collection is called « PARTY » … and our credo more than ever is « PARTY EVERY DAY “!


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    New DESIRE jewellery collection


    Let’s talk about DESIRE


    « A collection named DESIRE because... do we really escape from desire?

    What a "delicious word" is DESIRE, in French or in English. For my part, I still have the same desire to create, to surprise, to love, to dream, to travel, to make you travel...

    This DESIRE collection offers you new chains to put around your neck or your delicate wrists. I designed a new cross named Rio, in reference to the most symbolic statue of Rio de Janeiro. I took inspiration from vintage rings to design Jackie & Monroe. I have taken your favourite jewels and embellished them with black zircons. I worked on this collection by adding baguette zircons, ac

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  6. MYA—BAY for KickCancer

     MYA—BAY for KickCancer
    Collaboration with MYA BAY for KickCancer bracelet with words GIVE LOVE


    Don’t Skip Kids.
    Join the fight.


    MYA—BAY is once again partnering with the Belgian foundation KickCancer whose magnificent mission is to cure childhood cancer.
    Together we have developed a limited edition, hand-woven bracelet for adults and children with the words « GIVE LOVE » written in fuchsia on an iridescent purple background.
    GIVE A KICK to this cancer by supporting KickCancer with us. Every participation, whatever it is, counts. Give love, just LOVE.


    All profits will be donated to KickCancer.
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  7. SMILE

    Mannequin holding a sign that says DON'T FORGET TO SMILE


    Don’t let the world change your SMILE. Use your SMILE to change the world!


    Our new capsule collection is coming right up to give you the SMILE! Sophie's drawings are becoming MUST HAVES for a successful summer! Impossible to resist, and don't forget " a SMILE is the prettiest jewel you can wear ".


    Follow us to discover our new 100% SUMMER pieces!

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  8. Natural stones

    Natural stones


    The power of natural stones


    If you have already fallen for our DIWALI CRYSTAL and DANCING CRYSTAL necklaces with their white quartz, expect to be crazy about Agate, Amethyst, Amazonite... With our BOLD collection, we fill up on new natural stones and new ways to wear them. Rings, earrings and bracelets, the colors will be there this summer!


    Let's go for a Lithotherapy course ! (Yes, that's how we call the study of natural stones)

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  9. BOLD

    Model winking and wearing jewelry MYA BAY new collection BOLD




    « Talent is the boldness that others do not have »


    BOLD : adj. and noun. Bold (of a person, action or idea) showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous.


    It takes a little courage, a small dose of confidence to be bold... To be bold is to move forward, to continue to dream, to move, to change...


    Enter the virtuous circle of boldness!

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  10. holiday selection

    holiday selection


    Jewelry to offer for the holidays


    Have you already opened more than half of the boxes in your advent calendar? That only means one thing... It's almost Christmas! While Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé are playing on the radio, you're testing all the flavors of the cookies in the bakeries around town!


    Need gift ideas for your loved ones or want to look good? MYA—TEAM has prepared a special holiday guide to help you prepare for the holidays and to "Shine like a diamond" all night long!


    Let the Christmas shopping begin!

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