Don’t let the world change your SMILE. Use your SMILE to change the world!



    For this summer, we want fun, colors, playfulness... In short, we want SMILE.

    A sunny name, filled with positivity (we really need it!).

    Impossible to resist our new collection SMILE, and don’t forget « a SMILE is the prettiest jewel you can wear ».




Let's get to the point with our 4 SMILE limited editions: the 3 RAINBOW OJO necklaces and the DALLAS necklace ! Sophie has declined our GREEN OJO model in several colors for a maximum of pep: purple, yellow and turquoise !


The DALLAS chain is composed of our iconic BEL AIR mesh and a horse mesh. This last one also exists in bracelet, under the name of TEXAS ! These 2 PIMP novelties can be embellished with charms like TREASURE (a vintage effect coin with the motto of our country, Belgium), STARDUST (already available in mini and maxi earrings) or SKULL (a skull set with fine stones) !



    Pssst ! Our charms are now attached with a fine stone lock, for even more refinement but also to fit all chains !





    Animal lovers ? We are sure that you will fall for the CROCO (in bangle, in ring, in earrings and in necklace) or the MONKEY (in bangle and in ring) with its fine stone eyes! Express your WILD SIDE !





    Want to create bracelets and necklaces compositions full of peps ? MYA—BAY will satisfy you!

    Rediscover the HEART model! In red and black, it had already taken your heart! What about the orange flash, neon yellow and fuchsiaversions ? They will bring a touch of color to your neck or your wrist! LOVE in colors .


    Sophie had fun mixing grandma's old pearl necklaces by adding some FUN.

    Adopt the trend with our PEARL SMILE & LOVE SMILE bracelets.

    And if you don't want to shock grandma, choose the COLOURED SMILE bracelet.


    Don't hesitate to combine them with the necklaces of the same inspiration : SMILE TO BE HAPPY, HAPPY SMILE and COLOURED HOLIDAY ! Don’t forget to SMILE to be HAPPY.


    Want to feel the warm sand?

    Ready for the beach... We have created for you necklaces and bracelets to slip into your luggage with a porcelain seastar and a protective eye in sea blue : ORANGE SEA STAR, YELLOW SEA STAR and WHITE SEA STAR. That's the SMILE at the beach... ahou tcha tcha tcha





    STORY TIME ! During a trip to Portugal, Sophie met an Ecuadorian artisan, Rodrigo. He weaves bracelets by hand that he then sells to tourists in the streets of the Portuguese capital. Our designer then asked him to create a bracelet with scraps of wire, to inscribe the name of his son, Caesar. Back from vacations, Sophie, her tanned skin and this bracelet did not go unnoticed... This last one took us directly back to our tender childhood vacations. Sophie wanted to collaborate with Rodrigo to find pretty iridescent threads to create woven bracelets with very GOOD VIBES words.




CANDY, do you remember ? Our earrings from the BOLD collection, that you have loved, are now available in bracelets and rings with nice colors! Looking for something even more fun? CANDY STONE is made for you: with its stones of several colors and its enamel base!


Favourite alert : DIAMOND and BIG DIAMOND rings, XL and vintage effect guaranteed! With their different colored faces, LET'S BE COLORFUL! To be worn on all fingers and always adjustable.



    The LITTLE SERPIENTE earrings and ICE PICK are finally here with gradients of colored fine stones in a version around the fuchsia and another around the purple... Rainbow effect guaranteed!

    Find these models in earrings charms also in green and fuchsia! They cling to all your favorite loops like the SMILE of colors, symbols of this new collection!


    LAST BUT NOT LEAST: the CRYSTAL earrings! With our true passion for natural stones, these pieces will delicately swing to your ears! Read our article on the power of stones to discover their virtues!




SUMMER VIBES, FUN, SMILE, with this capsule collection full of novelties! The colors are there!

We can't wait to see you wearing our SMILE jewels and creating your own totally peppy compositions! Tag us on the social networks, we want to see your best looks and your smiles!