Monthly Archives: April 2021

  1. KISS

    New MYA BAY colorful collection KISS


    KISS collection


    We want love, fun and holidays! And that's exactly what's in store for us in this new summer 2021 collection

    Sophie, our designer, knows how to bring sunshine into our lives with her SO GOOD MOOD creations!

    Sun-inspired jewelry, exclusivity and limited editions, we tell you all about our KISScollection.

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  2. MYA BAY for Galler

    Collaboration MYA BAY with Galler chocolatery, chocolates and jewellery


    Discover our collaboration with Galler Chocolate Factory


    This is the result when two Belgian (and Liège-based) brands decide to work together: the creation of a unique box!

    For gourmets, jewellery addicts or just to treat yourself, this gift is a sure bet.

    As Mother's Day is approaching, stop looking: we have exactly what you need!

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