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Monthly Archives: September 2021

  1. PIMP your earrings

    Earrings to pimp with charms woman on the phone MYA BAY jewels


    PIMP your earrings


    You were already a fan of our PIMP concept for your necklaces and bracelets? Now you can customize your earrings! A hoop, some charms and that's it!

    Our earrings are sold individually and are almost all available in gold and silver, allowing you to create a crazy mix and match! DIWALI, MOON, SERPIENTE... Find our iconic designs in a new format: earrings charms!


    LET'S PIMP !

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  2. Gold Therapy

    Jewels chaines gold silver bracelets rings coat MYA BA


    I need a GOLD Therapy


    Everyone has their own little rituals, their own little therapies.... And that even with our jewelry! A crush, a gift, a symbol... Behind each piece is a story, a memory.


    Big meshes, mixes of gold and silver, PIMP news... Here is what Sophie has prepared for you to attract good energies and spread good vibrations!


    Welcome in GOLD Therapy !

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