I need a GOLD Therapy



    Everyone has their own little rituals, their own little therapies... Even with our jewelry! Whether we put them on when we get out of bed, in our bathroom or whether we carefully select them to combine with our style... We all have these moments, these rituals.


    Some jewels have a great history, some never leave us, others were the effect of a crush or a sunburn ... Some reappear, others were offered to us or are there to bring the "Saturday Night" touch.


    Mixing them according to our state of mind and our looks is a method of expression, a meaning we give to our jewelry, a little therapy in itself!




For this fall, MYA BAY is offering a GOLD Therapy to attract good energy and spread good vibrations!



    We are expanding our assortment of large meshes. On the way to the US with PALM SPRINGS, NEVADA and SAN JOSE. Mesh slips onto your fingers with a big crush: the ring L.A.. Matte plating mixes with gloss for a blend of textures in every mix and match.



    After our necklace WESTWOOD, mix of gold and silver chains, let's go to VEGAS and OAKLAND. At your neck or your wrists, mix plating at will!



Earrings join the PIMP team and are now personalized with charms. Buy them separatly, wear them together : 8 new single earrings make their appearance. We'll explain everything in a next article, STAY TUNED!


Bracelets rings gold silver jeans léopard jewels MYA BAY

Sophie's favorite, she has designed a new animal for you: a leopard with a powerful look that transports you into the wild world of MYA BAY. LEOPARDO and its zircon eyes are available in ring, bracelet and charm for a completely wild look!


We hope that you will join our therapy and that you will allow yourself these little moments with our jewelry as a ritual to feel good and beautiful.


GOLD Therapy is to be mixed at will with smile THERAPY, friends THERAPY, aperitifs THERAPY, chill THERAPY...


Welcome in GOLD Therapy!