4 look ideas with our single earrings



    Chains, fine stones, hoops... You will find all these "details that make the difference" in our selection of single earrings. The trend of the moment is the mismatching and the accumulation: we buy full of mono earrings and we create our own mix. Mono earrings? No need to buy pairs, they are sold individually for trendy looks.


    So don't hesitate to mix styles and lengths to highlight your ears!


    To help you create your own mix, MYA GIRLS have prepared 4 ideas to wear on 2 or 3 holes.


    The little extra? Our earcuffs, these fake piercings that slip easily on the ear.




We detail all these looks one by one, starting from the 1st hole and going up the ear!



    LOOK 1.


    SANTA BARBARA : a ring and a chain set with fine stones - 28€ each


    KOCHI : a simple ring with a hanging chain set with a fine stone - 24€ each


    SANTA CRUZ : a chain that gives the illusion of going through your ear - 23,50€ each


    WALL STREET : the ear ring for the most daring of us - 40€ each



    LOOK 2.


    JULIETTE : the favorite of the range, with or without her sword - 27€ each


    JAIPUR : inspired by Sophie's favorite Indian city, it is both timeless and contemporary - 27€ each


    FLASH : bring a rock touch to your outfit with this little flash - 18€ each


    CAMDEN : no need for piercing with this triple helix effect ring - 20€ each



    LOOK 3.


    CHANDELIER : our favorite from the PLEASURE collection, to wear on two holes - 30€ each


    SULTANA: an earring chip inspired by oriental architecture - 18€ each


    MAYFAIR: the cross earcuff, a must-have for a complete look - 20€ each



    LOOK 4.


    LOVELY DELHI : a ring set with fine stones available in 3 sizes - 22€ each


    PETITE SERPIENTE : essential if you are already a fan of our lovely serpiente ring - 22€ each


    TRIBECA : an earring set with a fine stone for a touch of simplicity - 22€ each


    WALL STREET : an earcuff to add to all your looks without moderation - 40€ each



You will have understood, at MYA BAY there is something for everyone! So we quickly give you a little recap:


- The two holes : for those who do not fear the needles

Chandelier, Taj Mahal…

- The chips : for discreet ears or to complete an accumulation of earrings

Flash, Lotus, Sultana, Diwali…

- The hoops : must-have rings to have in your jewelry box

Delhi, Jaipur, Tribeca…

- The earcuffs : these fake piercings that slip easily into your ears and never leave them! These earrings are easy to handle and stay in place on your helix. Don't limit yourself to one piece, the more you have, the more you'll love them!

Mayfair, Wall Street, Camden, Portobello…


Ready to create your own looks with our single earrings? Go for the mix and match trend, you have endless possibilities!


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