Hippies, rockers or even rappers but especially in fashion, the BANDANA is a timeless accessory!


    Over the years and even centuries, this little square has kept its authenticity. The name given to this scarf, which means "tie", comes from Hindi and Sanskrit, two Indo-European languages: a mixture of cultures that has seduced the whole world!


Generally associated with cowboys, bandanas allowed riders to protect themselves from dust and bandits to hide! The bandana and its paisley pattern have various functions and are worn in many different ways: around the head, in the hair, on a bag ... At MYA BAY, we put it around the neck and wrist.




Necklace version: the knot in front or behind, golden or silver charms, you wear it according to your desires!


Necklaces colorful beads bandana cords jewels mya bay


Bracelet version: available in 7 vibrant colors with square beads. Choose the most SUMMER VIBES word: LOVEDREAMFREEDOMHOLIDAY - FOREVER - HAPPINESS or SUNSHINE !


Bracelets Bandana Beads Gold Snake Charms Jewels Mya Bay



Looking for more SUMMER VIBES ?


Then personalize our black or fuchsia bandana bracelets with the word of your choice in super colorful square beads! A name, a mantra, a destination... YOU DECIDE! Adjustable thanks to its sliding knot and light to wear, it will follow you in all your adventures.


HURRY UP, the personlized bandanas are a (very) limited edition!


    Bracelets Bandana Colors Beads Gold Jewels Mya Bay


Now it's your turn to play! Create your own mixes by combining the bandana with the rest of your jewelry for a 100% SUMMER MOOD look !


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