— What is your favorite position ? POLE POSITION


What if we, the women, were in the best position on the starting line ?

Let's give a boost to all our desires, our projects, our dreams !

Let's take the pole position and make our way!


Let’s go, we present the new collection !


— Strong start to the year


To our great delight, here are your crushes that arrive in POLE POSITION!

Our earrings again and again (MAGNOLIA-inspired, colourful...)

Our earcuffs (are you more LITTLE SERPIENTE or SOHO?), and our 7 new crazy piercings that are also very popular in 925 silver..


MYA BAY earrings



— PIERCINGS guaranteed sleep !


Our 7 nouveaux piercings can be worn in all holes thanks to a small screw-on ball which promises a sweet sleep !

You don't have to take them off to sleep and that's more fun !

A little boost? Good news: our piercings MAGNOLIA, BLOOM, BIRD, BAGUETTE, DANCING, SHINE, ou SERPIENTE,… are also suitable for a new needle piercing because they are made of 925 SILVER !

Piercings MYA BAY



— "TENNIS" LEGENDARY JEWELRY not to be missed !


TENNIS, is above all a jewel with an ultra-cool aura.

In white, green, a range of pinks, purple or even in rainbow versions, TENNIS bracelets and necklaces have everything to please !


Where does the name come from? No need to googling... we'll tell you.

Flashback to the 1970s, Chris Evert is the star of courts around the world.

She won Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open.

The world's number one player is now a celebrity who likes to wear a diamond bracelet on her wrist.

This legendary bracelet is said to have broken during a match... causing the match to be stopped and her to be searched for on the court. It became famous, was renamed "tennis" and is considered a lucky bracelet.

Pssst ! At MYA-BAY, we love wearing them in accumulation !







To make it even more unique, here is our limited edition necklace "ARLINGTON" !

It is the perfect blend of our two flagship knits: BEL AIR and RIO DE JANEIRO.

An exclusive creation edited in 200 items !!





— MAGNOLIA a little, a lot, passionately


When Sophie, the creator of MYA-BAY, takes her inspiration from the land of the rising sun... the result is not long in coming :

- an explosion of Magnolia flower petals (the emblematic tree of Japan) on the TOKYO and OSAKA rings, the SWEET MAGNOLIA earrings or a creation with 7 petals suspended at the end of a chain forming the delicate flower of the BLOOM necklace.

- creation of the KYOTO bracelet and necklace

- ode to the assembly line that is HIMALYA, with a luminous necklace of the same name

These jewels are available in gold and silver.

So, what are your favourites on the starting line ?


Bijoux magnolia MYA BAY