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  1. holiday selection

    holiday selection


    Jewelry to offer for the holidays


    Have you already opened more than half of the boxes in your advent calendar? That only means one thing... It's almost Christmas! While Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé are playing on the radio, you're testing all the flavors of the cookies in the bakeries around town!


    Need gift ideas for your loved ones or want to look good? MYA—TEAM has prepared a special holiday guide to help you prepare for the holidays and to "Shine like a diamond" all night long!


    Let the Christmas shopping begin!

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    Tell me what your sign is, I'll tell you who you are...


    Another novelty of our MAGIC collection: the astro necklaces! Who consults their horoscope every morning to know what the day holds for them or checks their love compatibility with their new crush?


    Our Venice chain is now matte with a shiny gold and silver pendant. Proudly wear your star sign around your neck like a talisman to attract good vibes and connect with your destiny!


    Find out what's behind your sign or the ones of your loved ones in this article!

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