Wawwww ! MYA-BAY is celebrating its 10th birthday ! That's over 26 countries worldwide !

It's more than 500 boutiques that accompany us including Les Galeries Lafayette (FR), Poison Drop (RU), Smets (LUX), Rue Madame (Hong Kong) … and it's also you who fall in love with our site.

For all this journey our new collection is called « PARTY » … and our credo more than ever is « PARTY EVERY DAY “!






It is NEW at MYA-BAY and it's pleasing !

5 piercings that will light up and charm your ears.

It's the ultimate touch that combines boldness and style.



Collection Party MYA BAY jewels



Our piercings are inspired by the success of our bestseller KYOTO earrings and you'll find the LITTLE KYOTO, KYOTO, TRIO and KYOTO FLOWER models.

Definitely these piercings will make you want to pierce your ears (if you haven't already)!

Pssst : new piercings are coming in January…



— Sophie's favorites


EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, NIGHT QUEEN et SECOND AVENUE… Here are the 3 favorites earrings of Sophie, the designer.

And we understand her… these earrings are crazy beautiful ! They're perfect for the holiday season (but not only) !

Present and glittery, these earrings are a rockin' and chic touch, they are Tchiqueboum !


MYA BAY earrings


— BOOM BOOM, the necklace that goes BOUM !


— BOOM BOOM, the necklace that makes us crazy with joy !


You've fallen for our Limited Edition. Not a single BOOM BOOM necklace left 1 week after its release !

We are crazy with joy… Our hearth makes boom boom !


But we assure you that there are other chains that will attach to your neck !

Discover our new thin necklaces. Thanks to their different lengths, they will find naturally and perfectly place in your neckline.







    — Small zoom on the DANCING SENSUALITY ring


    Refined with its cut stone that sparkles, moves and dances delicately... it will make you succumb.


    Let’s go to discover the PARTY collection!

    LIFE is a PARTY, LOVE is a PARTY, BE the PARTY.