Happy Hour



    Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Daiquiri, Cosmo or Bellini? MYA BAY invites you to have a delicious cocktail of colors with glass beads bracelets and necklaces!


    On the beach or for a night out with friends, add some PEPS to your outfit!


    Day or night, our new jewelry will perfectly match your favorite bikini or a little white dress.


    Fall in love with the different colors of our glass beads. Rather sunny and canary yellow? Go for the Daiquiri. More like turquoise water and big lagoon? Then the Bloody Mary is for you.

    Finally, if you follow the trendy color of this summer, you will fall for the lavender Cosmo bracelet. Moreover, like 90% of MYA BAY collections, they fit you, not the other way around!



So... we can't wait to get a tan, can you?


And while waiting for the sun, since life is made of little pleasures, TAKE YOUR SHAKERS! (for 2)


Heading to PORTO RICO in the Caribbean: PINA COLADA


8cl of coconut milk

8cl of white rum

4cl of amber rum

24cl of pineapple juice




For the most SPICY of us: BLOODY MARY



    8cl of Vodka

    24cl tomato juice

    1cl lemon juice

    1cl Worcestershire sauce

    4 drops of Tabasco

    A bit of celery salt

    A pinch of salt

    Some pepper


DAIQUIRI: a Cuban village


8cl of Cuban Rum

4cl of lime juice

2cl cane sugar syrup



Carrie Bradshaw's favorite (Sex and the city): COSMO


8cl of Vodka

4cl of triple sec

4cl Cranberry juice

2cl lime juice



Finally, Sophie's favorite cocktail: BELLINI



    For the record, the Bellini drink was dreamed up in the late 1940s by Giuseppe Cipriani, the owner of Harry's Bar in Venice.

    Four years ago, Sophie had the opportunity to drink her first Bellini in this same bar! The name of the Bellini cocktail is therefore a tribute to the Venetian painter of the Renaissance, Giovanni Bellini, whose one of the paintings, all in orange-pink solids, would have inspired the mixologist.




    To recreate this delicious cocktail:


    8cl peach puree

    1cl cane sugar syrup




Cheers to us and tag us on the networks, we don't want to miss your beautiful looks with the KISS collection!