KISS Collection



    We want love, fun and holidays! And that's exactly what's in store for us in this new summer 2021 collection ☀️.


    Sophie, our designer, knows how to bring sunshine into our lives with her SO GOOD MOOD creations!


    Sun-inspired jewelry, exclusivity and limited editions, we tell you all about our KISS collection:



Back to the 80's with the comeback of the bandana ! Around the neck with your favorite charms, on a hat or as a bracelet, the BLACK and RED BANDANA necklaces let express your creativity.

We've made them into colorful bracelets with cube-shaped beads: DREAM, LOVE, FREEDOM, HOLIDAY or BREATHE, it smells like summer!


Ps : they are all adjustable thanks to their sliding knot, that's the MYA BAY touch.



SULTANA : Arabian architecture! On your ears, your neck and your wrists, this new pattern transports you to the heat of the Middle East!


We're stocking up on PIMP jewelry : the DNA of MYA BAY! You know the concept: you fall for a chain (necklace or bracelet) and you match it according to your desires with our charms!

A turtle, a palm tree and shells, we take you straight to the beach!



HURRY UP ! We've put together not one, but TWO limited editions. Eyewear chains available in 5 gorgeous colors, get out your sunglasses! Remove the end caps and HOP they can also be worn as necklaces. That's the adjustable touch made in MYA BAY!


EYE VENICE bracelets and necklaces: they are there to protect you from negative energies. Once the summer is over, take off the blue or red eye and enjoy your jewel with the charms of your choice!



Our designer Sophie's crush:



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