« Talent is the boldness that others do not have »


    BOLD : adj. and noun. Bold (of a person, action or idea) showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous.


    The BOLD collection is for the women of today's world, those who dare, who try, who fall but always get up again and believe in themselves and their ideas to make things happen. With BOLD, we break the rules, we wear what we like and we mix styles. Mix & Match is what we like at MYA—BAY.


    Do you recognize yourself in this description? Then our new BOLD collection is made for you! BOLD, is... 8 natural stones, 3 different looks, 6 messages to deliver, 7 pep and nude colors... But above all a max of new jewelry with character to wear day and night. Play the song Unstoppable by Sia and let's go !





    Where to start? With BOLD, we're filling up with new products and colors. Earrings Lovers will be able to enjoy and discover earrings of various inspirations. Colored stones, revisits of iconic models ...


    Go to the piercer if you want to wear them all!




    As for necklaces, get ready to create crazy compositions! Sophie has imagined necklaces of different lengths to sublimate all necklines and to accumulate them according to her desires! Why choose?


    We want them ALL!




    The color is now also invited to your hands! Green, black, powdery and fuchsia, wear them on all fingers!


    What colors will you fall for?




    Let's end this selection with the BOLD bracelets! With our new necklaces declined in bracelets, MYA—BAY gives you the possibility to match your neck to your wrists with an infinite number of Mix & Match to compose!


    Renaissance for the bangles, the DNA of MYA—BAY. In version 2.0., they are elegant, fine and perfect to deliver 6 strong messages to the bold women in your life and follow you in all your adventures, as usual!



It takes a little courage, a small dose of confidence to be bold... To be bold is to move forward, to continue to dream, to move, to change... Enter the virtuous circle of boldness!


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