As you know, our rings adapt to you (not the other way around)! That’s why 95% of MYA BAY collections are adjustable. But then, how to pick the right ring when it is a model with size?

3, 2, 1 follow the guide :


    You can choose between several sizes of chain length:

    o Choker : between 37 cm and 38 cm

    o PIMP chain : 40 cm

    o Simple chain : 52 cm (with a 5 cm extra chain)

    o Long necklace : 80 cm

Size guide MYA BAY


1) Take your favourite ring and a millimeter ruler.

2) Measure the inner diameter of your ring, i.e. the inner circle.

3) Convert the millimeters into size using the small table that we have put together.

4) Don’t wait any longer and shop…

52 = 16.6 mm

54 = 17.2 mm

56 = 17.8 mm

    Not convinced? We have a second tip for you:

    1) Take the same favourite ring.

    2) Place it on the circles below. If the outline of the circle appears entirely inside the ring, Bingo, you have your size!

    3) The last step remains the same: we don’t resist.

    MYA BAY tips : if you hesitate between two sizes, always choose the largest.

Guide des tailles colliers MYA BAY


    For bracelets, no stress, same technique as for the rings. As you know our mission is to make your life easier (we are super friendly, you must admit).

    Sizes, here under, respresent the inside diameter of the bracelet. Make sure your hand can easily go through that diameter to avoid bad suprises.

    o 60 mm (diametre)

    o 65 mm

    o 70 mm

Guide des tailles bracelets MYA BAY