Each MYA BAY jewel is hand-designed by our designer Sophie, before being manufactured in the workshops of the brand. Their composition? A solid and durable metal, like brass or stainless steel, covered with fine gold or silver, just so you shine bright like a diamond.

The delicate gilding of our jewels may deteriorate over time if you do not respect these few tips:

  • Avoid perfume and cosmetics
  • Wipe them after passage in water and avoid prolonged bathing in the sea
  • We leave the dishes to our darling
  • Take them out for sport
  • Store them in their original box to protect them from air and humidity

To follow our advice to the letter, go to this page : How to take care of your jewels.

Our mission is that our jewels adapt to you, and not the other way around. To do this, 95% of our collections are adjustable. That’s why we chose a durable metal, like brass, covered with fine gold or silver. The suppleness of brass allows it to be flexible and adapt to your wrist, hand, etc.

Your MYA BAY jewels are nickel and lead free.

Our jewels are crafted in Belgium by our designer Sophie. Our products are then manufactured in our workshops in France and Spain. However, when a jewel is set with fine stones, we call on our partner from Asia.