"When are you going to put some glitter in my life?" - © INES REG


BRIGHT, it's now!



"Cry me a river"


Because we are BRIGHT Women, we love rivers of diamonds... Sophie has designed delicate rings for you, all set with fine stones. Enough to be perfect and sparkling up to your fingertips!


We could only give these rings the names of breathtaking rivers.



New jewels in our PIMP collection!


You probably already know it, our PIMP collection is a collection imagined to personalize a necklace or bracelet that will stick to your skin.



    It's simple, three steps to remember:

    1) Choose your chain

    2) Select a grigri

    3) Let's pimp!


Discover our new CALIFORNIA, SHINY SANTA MONICA chains and for a trendy-bohemian touch, twisted cords of golden threads. We love them, ultra-light, adjustable and easy to wear, they are THE trendy piece to have in your jewellery box.


Bright Necklaces MYA BAY, necklaces and bracelets in gold or silver Bright Bracelets MYA BAY, necklaces and bracelets in gold or silver


All you have to do is PIMP them with our new grigris: SERPIENTE - JULIETTE - MOON - PEARL EYE & PEARL MOON. Charms gilded with fine gold or covered with a thin layer of silver for a personalised piece of jewellery that suits you.




  • Set with fine stones, the JULIETTE charm was inspired by Romeo and Juliet's story. Drama Queen, it is with this sword that she ends her life. It is the romantic and rocking touch from MYA BAY.



    The MOON charm, a wink to astrology, a theme cherished by our creator, Sophie.



  • The stunning SERPIENTE charm symbolizes energy and rebirth. A symbol that has been present in jewellery since the dawn of time.



    The charms PEARL EYE and PEARL MOON., two key pieces in this collection. They are made of real pearls, the assurance of a touch of delicacy and femininity, all in subtleness.



We assure you that with our new BRIGHT collection, you will be a true SHINY HAPPY GIRL!


BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND - Because we need so much sparkle in our eyes in these times.