—Don't skip kids.
Join the fight.


    Curing cancer for all children forever? That’s a nice project!

    But it is also the wonderful mission of a Belgian foundation : KickCancer.

    At MYA—BAY, we absolutely wanted to support this cause.


«As a young mother, I was affected by this cause that is not talked about enough. »

Sophie Johnen, the creator of MYA—BAY,considered it important to support the actions of the foundation and to contribute in her own way to the fight against childhood cancer.

For this purpose, she has designed a bracelet especially for KickCancer.

This tartan bracelet, in limited edition, is adorned with cubic beads with the word « DREAM » written in gold. To Dream. Dream of a better future. Dream of better treatments. Dream of beating cancer. And especially… that these children continue to dream!






Delphine Heenen, founder of KickCancer, is fully dedicated to fight against this pediatric disease.

She does her best to ease the sick children and their parents’ daily lives. Treatments we hear about in the medias are mainly made for adults and not for children...






I am too small to cure, are you too big to care?


    Boxing glove with bracelets tartan DREAM for KickCancer with MYA BAY





Join us to also contribute to the fight against childhood cancer.

Buy a bracelet exclusively on our e-shop and all the profits from your purchase will be donated to the foundation to improve the daily lives of sick children and help the research of better treatments.


KickCancer is a young Belgian foundation committed to cure cancer for all children.

To find new treatments, to improve the existing ones and to kick children's cancer once and for all, to send it far, far away forever, and never come back!

To achieve this mission, KickCancerfunds research for more effective and less toxic treatments in the hope of curing more children and avoid long-term sequelae caused by current treatments. KickCancer also represents the interests of children to the government because a new regulatory structure would stimulate the development of new medicines by pharmaceutical companies.

MYA BAY for KickCancer wrists with bracelets gold and tartan with the word Dream