Take your pleasure seriously (Charles Eames).




This year, priority is given to little treats, we deserve it!

Life is full of them, it's up to you to find yours!

To do this, we have designed a 100% PLEASURE collection.


Golden Hour! While waiting for the bars to reopen, discover our cocktail of jewels to accumulate.



Pimp, Pimp again, mix, assemble, invent ...



We don't change the rules: you choose your chain (necklace, bracelet or even both for the more reckless), then you hang your favorite charms on it.


Our designer Sophie offers you new chains (so beautiful) as well as new charms (so pleasure).


At MYA BAY, we wear the charm like a lucky charm, a talisman. With the PLEASURE collection, we assure you luck, love, protection and boldness. All you have to do is to choose the charm that suits you best. Exceptional charms for exceptional women!


The magnificent Lovely Heart charm will make your heart beat faster, the Clover charm will shower you with luck and the Eye charm will protect you and your loved ones.


More bracelets, please !




    For the bracelets, Sophie was inspired by the symbols you adore, including the star Diwali, the sword Juliette or the Moon. A little finesse on your wrist with these elegant and refined chains for women of taste!


Delicate rings and earrings


Say hello to the new MYA BAY rings and earrings that will make more than one fall for them! Sophie has designed fine rings and earrings set with semi-precious stones. It's up to you to combine them and create a personalized combination, because in the end, you are unique.



Have fun with our PLEASURE collection, mix and remix at will!