Tell us where you wear your ring, we will tell you who you are



    You know it, at MYA BAY we are completely obsessed with the symbolism of things!

    The magnitude of the rings determines the personality of the person wearing them. Generally, we opt for the right ring finger but don't forget the other 9 fingers!


    Voluminous rings are synonyms of domination and the will to assert oneself. SO GIRL BOSS, HERE WE GO!

    More reserved people tend to go for thin rings. Wearing jewels on the left hand represents love ♥ It's not for nothing that you wear your wedding ring on that side! As for the right hand, it is a symbol of action and self-representation.


    Each finger also has its own meaning, let’s go deeper into it:




Independent MYA GIRLS tend to wear their rings on the thumb. When we look at our hands, these fingers are the only ones away from each other. They live their lives quietly on their own! Thumbs show that you are asserting your independence and freedom. They also reveal your self-confidence and optimism. Thumb rings are the POSITIVE ATTITUDE ☼


Values: independence, individuality, freedom, optimism, positivity and self-confidence.




The index represents authority and command. Do you wear your rings on these fingers? Then you are a leader! The index finger is also used to indicate a direction or a path.

What if someone tells you a secret? SHUUUUT! Don't repeat it!


Values: authority, direction, style and secrecy.





If you are beautiful and rebellious and do not hesitate to lift your middle finger, then embellish it with rings! The middle finger symbolizes boldness and confidence. You want to stand out, assert yourself and above all do what you want! So be a REBEL.


Values: provocation, audacity and power.





    The left ring finger is kept for very meaningful rings: engagement rings and wedding rings. It is the only finger directly connected to the heart by a vein. SO ROMANTIC! So, while waiting for Prince Charming, decorate your ring finger with our pretty collection of rings!


    Values: wedding rings, fraternity and union between two people.




Our little finger is there to guide us like a little inner voice. Girls who wear rings on their little finger are easy to listen to and give good advice. It is also the finger of awakening and wisdom.


Values: emotion, communication and advice.




    Now that you know the meaning of the rings on your fingertips. You are free to wear them as you wish! Above all, these jewels remain charming assets that reveal your femininity. Take a look at our selection, create your own mix and share them on the networks! We love the creativity of the MYA BAY girls!